'Hey will you come photograph John Cleese when he is here next month, you can come back stage and everything'

YES…. but you don’t mind if I like cry right?

Anonymous asked:

you like like a /really good/ drag impersonation of Adelle??? (good thing)


NOT EVERY FAT GIRL LOOKS LIKE ADELE, MELISSA MCCARTHY, REBEL WILSON, BETH DITTO, PENELOPE GARCIA, OLD SCHOOL KELLY OSBOURNE, OR WHATEVER FEW AND FAR IN BETWEEN VISIBLE FATTY YOU HAVE SEEN. I have a lot of drag queen friends, so I don’t take offense to that. But gosh, yeah, Adele is a good looking gal and all, but just because she is chubby and I am fat doesn’t mean we resemble each other. I think I am more irritated by this because it just makes it super obvious the lack or visible fat celebs there are. I am not trying to be rude to you, anon, because I feel like you are coming from a kind place. It is just… I hear this with friends and myself all the time. My friends Jen aka Pussybow and Ingrid aka VintageCityLady got told they both look like Adele on the street in NYC years ago, but they don’t even look like one another let alone Adele. I just feel like us fatties get bunched together constantly. Sorry anon, again, not trying to be mean… this just drives me nuts!

Haha EXACTLY.  I mostly get Adele (though I take this as I dress well) used to get Kelly Osborne a lot.

I call people out on it though, like oh I look like that fat brunette celebrity gotcha.  



We had a blast at Momocon 2014! My friends and family did a Bob’s Burgers group cosplay where I played Tina, my sister played Louise, my brother played Gene, and my friends were Bob & Linda. Too fun!

they’re all killing it, but louise is hella killing it

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